Ethereal female vocals. Analog synthesizers. Tape delays. 
Old school drum machines. Reverb-drenched.

Twin Tonality tinkers with dreamy melodies, varying from traditional pop beats to gloomy, atmospheric, and dark electro synth. Always looking for the perfect balance between retro and contemporary, 
they draw inspiration from bands like Electric Youth, Beach House, 
Daughter, New Order, and Chvrches.

Their lyrics are often written using the cut-up technique and personal dogmas like "No love songs,” “Who Is Your Enemy?" or “Politics”. 
Not all the answers are given, but if you're up for it, there’s plenty in which to immerse yourself.

Experimenting with sound is the band’s biggest inspiration, and their future is focused on areas where music exists outside the mainstream — like tech, theater, and film.

Currently, Twin Tonality is soaking in a variety of experiences by participating in different live performance events and venues in Denmark and abroad.